Guest blog - Dog World Kennel Club

Here at Safer Pet, we love hearing from other businesses which could help support you. We recently caught up with Aaron Meadows, the founder of Dog World Kennel Club.

What is Dog World Kennel Club?

Dog World Kennel Club was established by Aaron Meadows in 2015 and was born out of frustration because of the inability to log the true colour of a pet on registration papers, especially when it came to merle.

The merle colour has been around a long time, but no kennel club will register a dog with that colour. This means owners paperwork would be incorrect, with a standard colour added to the registration paperwork instead. Many owners like to trace the dog’s family tree, and this is vital when it comes to pedigrees as this determines heritage.

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DWKC is a worldwide registration club and promotes true pedigree history, including colour. Aaron says, “We also register popular crossbreeds such as cockerpoos. If both parents have pedigree information, then we feel they should be able to have their family tree on the certificate. It also means, if people want to breed their pet in the future, they won’t knowingly inbreed, which can be dangerous for merle’s.”

A pedigree is like a family tree which shows the parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. This can make a difference to the cost of an animal for their new owners or if being used for stud.

Aaron has impressive plans, “We have grown so quickly over the past 5 years. With around 1000 orders a week just in the UK, we have expanded worldwide. We have new clients joining every day and we cannot wait to see where the future takes us.”

If you want more information on Dog World Kennel Club, visit their website


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