About Safer Pet

How we started

Safer Pet’s mission is to ensure that all pets stay happy, safe, and secure throughout their life, giving you the pet owner peace of mind. Our founder Steve Gilbert has always been an animal lover and has several pets including a British short hair cat called Lottie; two dogs; a Labrador called Mollie, and a Jack Russell called Doogie, he even has some alpacas too!

Steve has a financial background and was previously in numerous senior roles such as Finance director for PC World and then more recently CFO at Skyguard. Skyguard used the latest GPS and mobile technology to track and protect people at risk, and Steve realised that the same technology could be adapted to allow pet owners to monitor the location and activity of their pets by creating a tracker device that attaches to the collar of your dog or cat. Steve launched the business in July 2021 and it has quickly become the UK market leader. Safer Pet continues to invest in the latest cutting edge technology to incorporate into their products and services.


Doogie is the youngest of six. He was the smallest one in his litter and he is very small, even for a Jack Russell. Doogie is a Parson Jack Russell Terrier, and he actually thinks he is around the size of a Great Dane, or a Bull Mastiff, and has no hesitation in making his presence felt around larger dogs, even though they could probably swallow him in one gulp!

He is nearly 15 years old (90 in dog years) and is not quite as active as he once was, but is still quite happy to run out and bark at anyone he feels is invading his territory!

Doogie has now reached an age that if he is out on a walk and has had enough, he has been known to trot home by himself. The first time he did it we were very panicky and worried about him being hit by a car or dognapped. With the Safer Pet tracking device and app we don’t need to worry as we can track him all the way home!

As Doogie is not as active as he was in his younger years, and he will still eat everything he can get hold of, we monitor his exercise and calorie intake very closely. We want Doogie to be around as long as possible!

He likes

Snuggling up to you on the sofa

Barking at other dogs

Eating treats


Lottie is a 6 month old British Short Hair. As with most kittens she's extremely inquisitive and mischievous. Her favourite toy is an orange mouse that she carries around the house in her mouth. Her favourite activity is climbing trees as she is only recently starting to explore the garden and the rest of the outside world. With her wearing the Safer Pet tracker we always have peace of mind knowing that she hasn't got herself lost.

She likes

Playing with her mouse toy

Climbing trees

Visit all the neighbourhood gardens