How to keep your kitten busy!

In an ideal world, we would carry our pets everywhere we went. Unfortunately, however, we have to work, take kids to school, and errands to run. Therefore, we have to leave our furry friends at home at times, and depending on our schedule, it could be a while before we get back to them.

So, while our Safer Pet cat GPS tracker allows us to know if they are safe, how do we ensure they are both safe and active?

Play without toys, makes kitty a dull friend

A teaser toy is a great tool to try and bond with your cat. Flicking it around stimulates their hunting instincts as they want to catch the target. Nevertheless, when you are not around, cats also need toys and the finickity creatures they are, it is a good idea to find the right one.

For instance, there are treat-based puzzles that you can leave with your cat. These are spheres laden with food that the cat has to figure out how to release. Although, there are other more challenging puzzles on the market as some clever cats work the puzzles out quickly!

Also, cats being the curious animals they are, the novelty of a toy can wear out soon hence, you can switch them up after some time.

 tabby kitten playing with a yellow floating toy

Cats and cardboard boxes

Cats treat boxes like toys as they love to play hide and seek in them. They are easy and cheap to get, and you can use them to create a play area with tunnels and slides, perfect to keep the cat busy while you are at work. Additionally, you can throw in some paper bags as their crinkling sound and ability to change shape excites them.

Be aware that cardboard boxes can create a mess. Also, remove the handles attached to paper bags as they can be a choking hazard.


Cats love a platform with a view

You may be aware that cats can stare endlessly outside.

Create a platform close to a window where they can gaze out from. The chance to watch the world go by will reduce the chances of your pet jumping from shelves to cupboards and dropping items. Plus, you will allow them an opportunity to bask under the sun, which they enjoy massively.


Fish tank fun

A fish may not appreciate being mentioned in this article, but a well-secured and out-of-reach fish tank will visually entertain a cat. It contains movements that attract it, hence, keep your feline stimulated and active when you are not at home.


Get them a buddy

Cats are social animals. Consequently, adopting another cat will provide companionship and keep them busy and entertained. In case you plan to be away for a long time, ask a trusted friend to look after it. Most importantly, ensure they have a cat tracker so that you remain aware of their movements.


Cat screen time

You can leave your TV on with videos of other animals like birds flying or mice running around, and they will entertain your cat while you are away. This is especially good for older cats as they do not like to move around.

In today's digital world, cat games application are now available with moving animals that can spark the cat's curiosity. Plus, there are software products that allow you to watch your cat, dispense food, and even communicate with them when you are around them.


Why is it Important to keep my cat active?

Like humans, our feline friends require physical and mental stimulation to remain healthy.

We hope the outlined suggestions above will ensure your cat is not bored and fatigued by ensuring it has sufficient distractions within your home. If you have to let your cat out, use the Safer Pet GPS cat tracker to ensure they do not wander too far from home.

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