The Importance of Microchipping Your Pets: A Comprehensive Safer Pet Guide

In today's world, safeguarding your pet's safety is more critical than ever before. Two essential tools, microchipping and GPS tracking, have emerged as game-changers in ensuring pet safety. As a company passionate about the welfare of your pets, we at Safer Pet delve into the importance of pet microchipping and its synergy with our cutting-edge GPS pet tracking service in this blog post.


The Vital Role of Microchipping in Pet Safety

Microchipping serves as a permanent ID for your pets. This tiny device, smaller than a grain of rice, houses a unique identification number linked to your contact details in a database. Even if your pet loses its collar or our Safer Pet GPS tracker, the microchip remains a reliable identifier. 


Although Safer Pet doesn't offer microchipping services, we strongly recommend it as an integral part of responsible pet ownership. It aligns perfectly with our mission of promoting the safety and welfare of pets across the UK. For top-notch microchipping services, we endorse Peddymark, known for its high-quality, reliable microchips.


Microchipping: A Quick, Painless, and Essential Procedure

The microchipping process is straightforward and virtually painless for your pet, comparable to a routine vaccination. It's a small yet significant step towards ensuring your pet's safety.

The Impact of Microchipping in the UK: Stats Speak Volumes

Did you know that of all the pets that enter UK animal shelters only 11% are ever reunited?

This is mostly due to cats, in particular, not being microchipped. It is a fact that having your cat, or any other pet, microchipped is the best way for them to be reunited with you.


Microchipping has gained significant traction in the UK, with a whopping 91% of dogs now microchipped. This method has been notably effective in reuniting lost pets with their owners, boasting a return-to-owner rate of 38% for cats and 52% for dogs among animals entering shelters. However, the effectiveness of microchipping hinges largely on the accuracy of the linked information and the owner's proactive registration with the respective agencies. 

About 35.4% of microchipped pets entering shelters had inaccurate information, and only 58.1% of microchipped pets were duly registered. Both of these oversights can hamper successful reunions.

Registering Your Pet's Microchip: The Next Crucial Step

After your pet has been microchipped, registering the chip is your next critical step. We urge all pet owners to register their pet's unique ID number with a DEFRA-compliant database, such as Animal Tracker. Doing so links your contact information to your pet's microchip, facilitating a swift reunion if your pet ever gets lost.

GPS Pet Tracking: The Safer Pet Advantage

At Safer Pet, our commitment to pet safety extends beyond microchipping. Our GPS pet tracker, the lightest on the market at just 23g, enables you to track your pet in real-time, anywhere in Europe, with an accuracy of up to 10m. With our system, you can track multiple pets simultaneously and share app access with your entire family, ensuring everyone can keep a watchful eye on your furry friends.

Why Should Safer Pet Be Your First Choice for GPS Tracking?

Choosing Safer Pet for GPS tracking guarantees your pet's safety is in the hands of an experienced team dedicated to animal welfare. Our service is not only simple and efficient but also focused on your pet's comfort. We provide detailed information and support to help you comprehend the process and benefits of GPS tracking, illustrating how it forms a perfect pair with microchipping for optimal pet safety.

Take Action Now for Your Pet's Safety

Remember, the safety of your pet is in your hands. Don't wait for a mishap to happen. Equip your pet with the Safer Pet GPS tracker today and ensure their safety at all times. Moreover, if your pet is not microchipped yet, consider doing it as soon as possible. Peddymark is a viable option, but also remember to register the chip correctly with Animal Tracker.

With our competitive subscription plans, starting at just £5.99 per month, you get a multi-network SIM, unlimited data, and free regular app updates. This ensures that you can continually locate your pet and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pet is safe.

Take a giant leap towards pet safety today. Choose Safer Pet for all your pet tracking needs and let us help you keep your furry friends safe and sound. For any queries or support, feel free to reach out to us on 0800 046 5083 from Monday to Friday between 9am - 5.30pm (excluding bank holidays.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Microchipping and GPS Tracking are essential tools for pet safety. Microchipping serves as a permanent ID, while GPS tracking enables real-time location updates.
  2. Microchipping is a quick, painless procedure that greatly increases the likelihood of reuniting lost pets with their owners. In the UK, return-to-owner rates for microchipped pets are 38% for cats and 52% for dogs.
  3. Registering the microchip is a crucial step after implantation. Registration links the owner's contact information to the pet's microchip, facilitating a swift reunion if the pet gets lost.
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